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Want more inner peace and contentment? 

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Are You Ready to Be Happy with Inner Peace? 

Do you feel burnt out from a demanding job that doesn't light you up? Are you yearning to find more happiness & connection in your life? 

I offer weekly/monthly energy healing & life coaching plans to help you find clarity to live your most satisfying life.


What I Do

I help people who feel burnt out, disconnected, and uninspired find ultimate inner peace, radiance, and satisfaction in their lives.

Also, if you're looking to take the leap to travel the world while working remotely, I can help you with this transition.

I will guide you back to your deepest knowing and hold you accountable to live your most joyous life through:

  • Energy Healing
  • Life Coaching
  • Travel Tours

Time to actually be happy & start feeling ALIVE.

Ready to be happy with inner peace?

Let's Work Together

Do you feel like there's got to be more to life but you're unsure how to unleash your limitless potential? Are negative limiting beliefs holding you back from jumping out of your comfort zone? 

I'm here to guide you back to being happy, finding inner peace and living your most authentic life. 

Hi! I'm Nicole

  • A Mindfulness Guru, Yoga Teacher, Full-Time Traveler, Digital Nomad Mentor & Energy Healer

A few years ago, I drastically changed the trajectory of my life.

  • I quit a lucrative career in the corporate world
  • Sold my furniture & packed up my apartment in Chicago
  • Booked a one-way ticket to Bali to get my yoga teacher certification

Our thoughts create our reality.

By taking this huge leap, I opened myself up to a whole new way of living. 

To Be Happy with Inner Peace -- Life Coaching

Why Work With Me

With an intuitive approach, compassion and a level of humility...

  • I will walk you through my 3 step process to crush your goals and wake up living the life of your dreams

Each session is unique, and I always show up with a listening ear, a lightheartedness and a vivaciousness that creates a welcoming space to discover what it is you truly want.

I will help you rise from the stories keeping you stuck.

To Be Happy with Inner Peace Life Coaching

"Nikki's intuitive ability and spiritual touch is both out of this world and completely ground."

I could feel her positive energy all the way on the other side of my zoom screen-- spending time in an energetic bubble with her is a gift. Motivating, honest, and authentic.

I walked away as if a mirror had been held up to me- everything she said I already knew, but I had to be told to believe it.


"The session validated anxieties I had about my life, which made me feel seen."

Nikki got quite specific. She pointed out a health issue I never told anyone before! She predicted that I would meet a good partner that would love me the way I want within a month. And it happened! It's been over a year since the session, my partner and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and we are still very much happy to be in each other's lives!


"Highly knowledgeable and healing for my soul."

She gave me incredible input on who I am and how to move on in my life. She connected with my higher self and gave me information that blew my mind.

I'm incredibly grateful, she has made my life better and I'll recommend her to anyone who is in need of support, growth, understanding, guidance. She has many powers in her hands.

Lea S.

“My first ever chakra reading and energy healing session”

I came to the session without any pre-conceptions of what would happen. I absolutely loved it and I was amazed how Nikki was able to very intuitively read me, and see problems which have been present within me for a long time.
I highly recommend booking a session with her if you want to get a deeper understanding of where you currently are in life.


My Gifts to You

I have created some resources to help you on your journey to become the best version of yourself.

Here are some tools for your healing journey: 

  • The MindREset Course
  • FREE Happiness Checklist
  • FREE Beginners Yoga Introduction
Work With Me -- Nicole Novoselsky

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