Part 2: 14 Must-See Things To Do in Seville, Spain

Now that you've learned about the prominent features of Seville like the Catedral, El Alcázar and La Plaza de España, here are a few other significant spots to add to your list.

7) See a flamenco show

This is a huge part of Seville’s culture.

There is flamenco dancing in the streets that make the city come alive.

If you want a more intimate and formal experience, there are places all over the city that have shows with incredible music and dancers.

8) Bull Ring

I never went to see an actual bull fight since I am not so keen on watching bulls die.

However, if you want to experience a part of the Spanish culture, you can go to the bullring to watch a fight.

There is also the option to simply explore the ring without seeing a fight, which I loved doing.

The arena is beautiful and there is a tour with lots of history on famous bullfighters, costumes, and the origins of the sport.

Bull Ring in Seville Spain
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9) Go See a Fútbol Game

Spain takes fútbol very seriously. Seville has two teams: Seville FC and Betis.

I watched fútbol (don’t call it soccer) nearly every night with my host dad, and let me tell ya, he would get extremely into it. He was a die hard Betis fan and my host mom was a Seville FC fan.

The debates would get heated and were pretty comical as I sat back and watched. If only I had popcorn….

So, I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I bought a ticket to see Seville FC. Shhh, don’t tell my host dad.

Futbol arena in Seville Spain

The game was a blast!

The stadium is a little bit further out from the city center, but you can get there via taxi or metro.

Seville only has one main metro line, so it is easy to navigate.

The atmosphere and spirit before even getting into the stadium is intoxicating since fans are cheering loudly and dressed in all their gear.

My favorite part was hearing all of the fans cheer incredibly loudly along with the announcer shouting “gooooooooooooal” for 30 seconds every time someone scored. If you can score tickets, I highly recommend this experience.

10) Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos serves as the permanent residence of the Duke of Medinaceli.

This is further back into the city, but it has beautiful mosaic Spanish walls and historic rooms to see.

It is quite astounding to revel at the residence that was built back in the 1500s.

It has Italian influences and with the wide open structure, it is easy to marvel at the incredible work of Fadrique Enríquez.

Entry is 10 euros for a full audio guided tour.

*Pro Tip: go to my favorite restaurant Los Coloniales before or after since it is a four-minute walk away.

Casa de Pilatos in Seville Spain

11) Calle San Jacinto

They say life happens in the streets in Seville.

Past 7pm in the summer, this street in Triana is filled with people outside socializing and eating.

It has lots of fun shops and cute cafes.

It is close to the river, so you can walk the street and sit outside to enjoy a pastry along the way.

12) Mercado Lonja del Barranco

This market is also close to the river.

There are lots of cool shops to see to get a small taste of Seville.

Mercado Lonja de Barranco in Seville Spain

Personally, the food wasn’t necessarily my favorite, and it was a little more pricier than going to get traditional tapas.

However, I always enjoyed walking around and seeing what there was to offer.


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13) Avenida de la Constitución

This street is normally bustling with tourists since it is the main road that connects all the tourist sites.

You’ll pass Starbucks on this street too.

If you keep going down this street away from the Cathedral, you will get to Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuán.

Avenida de la Constituccion in Seville Spain

These are the big shopping streets. I’m talking Zara, H&M, and lots of trendy Spanish stores.

There are plenty of places to shop that it can be overwhelming.

It’s fun to window shop and walk along them on your way to the Cathedral or Alcázar.

14) Get Nuts from Hugo

Hugo the Nut Man is absolutely amazing and makes the best sugar-coated nuts.

The smell is hard to resist, and they are pretty cheap.

His little stand is typically located across the street from Mercado Lonja on the river side.

Nuts from Hugo in Seville Spain

Hugo is the sweetest man, and perhaps, I got nuts too many times because he knew me by name by the end of my stay.

However, I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as too many nuts from Hugo.

Restaurants I recommend:

Since I lived in a homestay, I didn’t go out to eat often. Therefore, my list is pretty short. However, you really can’t go wrong with any restaurant in Seville, but here are a few of my favorites.

  • Mariatrifulca — get drinks there for a sunset
  • Los Coloniales — my absolute favorite for traditional amazing tapas
  • Ovejas Negras Tapas — more modern and a little bit more pricey
  • Giolatto — we called this place heaven because it has this all white glow to it. Hands down the best gelato in Seville.

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